Bettie Page är död

Den som vill veta mer kan läsa den här artikeln av min polare Paul.

She remains one of the most influential of all pop-culture figures. Great swaths of gothic, emo, and rockabilly culture freely lift the look. Without Bettie Page there would be no Suicide Girls, no Hot Topic, no Dita Von Teese, no modern burlesque movement. […]

But there was always that sly smile, that left eye just slightly raised higher than the right, that gleeful insouciance that reminded you it was all a joke. Underneath the sex appeal was a reassurance that it was all okay, that there was nothing wrong with finding this all just a little bit fun.

Bettie Page som ung…

…och vid 80.

One Response to Bettie Page är död

  1. Larz Gustafsson skriver:

    Såg filmen om hennes liv.
    Gripande och intressant.
    Bettie kom tillbaka till Jesus.

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